I am Theophilus Carter; and that’s not my name. I live in Narnia, currently ruled by tyrant rulers. I love writing and writing long. But as I am from far, far away; my English sucks. You will find American English (Americanese) and British English (Britainese) mixed in my posts; as well as other Englishes and other languages like Turkish, Swahili, Portuguese, Urdu, blah blah, Computer and Douchebag. And in case you are totally drunk, you are seeing this because you are on my blog.

If you think you are a sane person and my blog sucks, leave it. Click that cross-shaped cross right over there. You know something that looks like this: “x”, click it to leave this blog. I won’t mind. (Not that I think you care if I mind.)

If you like my blog, thank you very much. I am really thankful for your appreciation.